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“Solus” by Nada el-Sayed
AUD, United Arab Emirates

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2019.11 Design Together BIM Banner EN

Design Together 2020 Student BIM Competition

Design Together with BIM is a technology competition organized by Istanbul Technical University Civil Engineering Society to increase the usage of BIM system among engineering and architecture students and raise awareness.

Designnext Africa Banner HD

DesignNext Africa 2018

Register today, and submit your course project on engineering, architecture or design, to win prizes* in total value of $4,000.

AU MiddleEast 2018 1

Student Projects at AU Middle East 2018

Autodesk University (AU) is the conference for those who design, create, and make the world around us. In its sixth year of running, AU Middle East hosted over 500 delegates in Dubai from 7th – 8th May to inspire their future of making.

Designnow Science Expo 2018 1

Autodesk Designathon at Science Expo 2018

Seventy-five students from eight different universities received a Fusion 360 training and competed in teams to design a real industrial product.

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Free Access to Software and Learning Resources

Join Autodesk Design Academy today to get free accesst to professional design software, along with free educational resources in manufacturing, construction, and production. Learn how to design and make a better world.

Designnext Africa Banner HD

Student Design Competition for Africa

Autodesk DesignNext Africa 2018 Student Design Competition runs in two categories until 7th October. Submit your course project on engineering, architecture or design and win great prizes!