Autodesk Designathon at Science Expo 2018

An Autodesk digital design camp was organized at the 7th Turkish Airlines Science Expo in Bursa, Turkey, where seventy-five students from eight different universities received a training and competed in teams to design a real industrial product.

On the first day of the three-day camp, seventy-five selected design and engineering students from Altinbas, Anadolu, Bilecik, Gazi, Istanbul Teknik, Karabük, Marmara and Sakarya Universities, received a compact training on Autodesk Fusion 360, the next generation 3D design, manufacturing and engineering tool. On the second day, the teams started designing an “industrial gripper guide” as per the subject given by Barida Machinery, the industrial partner of the event. During the camp, Hasan Ersin Seçkin from Barida Machinery mentored the students on the competition subject, while instructor Gökçe Gün and Autodesk Student Ambassadors Büsra Cakici, Furkan Gunal and Yigit Kurtis helped the teams with advanced modeling and motion analysis.

The competition ended on Sunday 29th April after the jury evaluation. The prizes of the winning teams were presented by Mr. Alinur Aktas, Mayor of Bursa, Mr. Ismail Gerim, Secretary General of BEBKA, and Evren Arin from Autodesk, at the award ceremony of Turkish Airlines Science Expo 2018.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the camp! Sincere thanks to Bursa Science and Technology Center who offered this opportunity of cooperation.