Furniture Smart Village

Ahmed Samir Osman
Mansoura University

Egypt has a variety of handicrafts made famous by some governorates, such as fishing and furniture, ceramics and sculpture. These crafts are facing rapid industrial progress and not to keep up with the workers of this progress. They also faces a decrease in the number of manufacturers. Furniture industry is one of these crafts facing problems.

Our goal is to use marketing + training + development to create a smart village to develop the furniture industry.

Furniture Smart Village contains:

  • Expos zone: 2 public expos, private expos zone, trading tower
  • Training zone: 10 art houses, 8 work shops, library
  • Development zone: Library, convention hall
  • Museum
  • Administration building
  • Motel
Project year:  2016
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Autodesk software used in the project: