An Oblivious Story

Emrullah Yildiz
Middle East Technical University

In this project, the term of oblivion consists of three chapters: "Return","Suspense", and "Rebeginning".Each chapter follow each other in a composition. While orthogonal forms define nothingness in the "Return "phase, they start to turn into more dynamic, fluid forms in the "Suspense" and in the "Rebeginning" phase, with the reference of curve( t=0 moment )a unique and fascinating structure emerges from the existing data-the data of past.

Chapter I: Figure of Return: Keywords: Nothingness, remembrance, forgotten.

Chapter 2: Figure of Suspense: Keywords: Physchodrama, intoxication, excitement of moment.

Chapter 3: Figure of Rebegining: Keywords: Radical inauguration, destruction, unique.

Project year:  2018
Autodesk software used in the project: