Roll House – Moon Hoon

Tarek Mohamed
American University in Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Its seemingly massive exterior belies its actual narrow volume. Even more, the false walls for the front yard exaggerate its size. Up on entry into the building, there is a small living room, a restaurant area and a kitchen, each of ascending heights. Under the theme of long and large, each independent space was shaped not by walls but the difference on floor levels. To the left of the corridor, I made a recess, to be used by the client according to their future needs, and to the right, I planned a child’s room with an attic. At the point where the master bedroom meets the hall, is the staircase that leads up to th e attic and veranda, and entering into the master bedroom, red false wall are seen over a big window. Climbing down the steel staircase attached to the false wall, one reached a cozy pavilion, and atop the roof garden with its small patch of grass and gravel, the city sprawls out in all directions, offering a grand view.

Project year:  2016
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