Construction Training Center

Ahmed Abu Warda
Al Al-Bayt University

Project Statement

Our project is a training and rehabilitation center for workers. The idea of the project came from the workers in the neighborhood waiting to get a job every day,. There is no guarantor of their rights or the rights of the client. On the other hand, the decline in architectural identity in Jordan, where architecture has lost its spirit as a result of weak craftsmanship.

The idea of the project was a statement by (Isaac Asmoff)"The only constant is change". It was necessary to preserve the Jordanian architecture in terms of spirit and adapting the architectural details in a modern way that simulates the change that is taking place in the world. As well as building a balance between the original local architecture and the exotic architecture of the country.

The site is 19000 square meters and the building area is about 15,000 square meters.


The project is divided into two halves. A special section for students and a special section for visitors to the project and customer service


It has a construction work shop divided to 10 Workouts and to specialize in all elements of construction. As well as classrooms for these professions, including for public safety, including light theory and mechanics.


It contains Rsbashn and offices to serve the public and engineering offices and research department in addition to the administration and gathering places for workers.
Project year:  2018
Autodesk software used in the project: