Middle East Technical University
Second Prize, Design Together 2018 BIM Competition

Team Members

  • Esat Candır - Civil Engineer (Team Leader)
  • Emrullah Yıldız - Architect
  • Başak Çakmak - Architect
  • Yasar Çepni - Civil Engineer
  • Yasin Terzioğlu - Mechanical Engineer

In this project, we started our design analyzing the architectural language of the surrounding buildings of the site. Typical style of the buildings in the campus was mostly designed with an orthogonal order and inner garden. With reference to this system, we wen one step further by connecting the inner garden to the pedestrian way surrounding the building and put the fair area on this passage and used waffle structure not only as a structural but also an architectural element.

Creating a central organization in the design, other programs shaped around the inner garden to increase interactivity and transparency between people.

Integration of BIM to the Design Phase:

Since this competition emphasizes how the interdisciplinary team can design a project with the help of BIM, we mostly focused on the usage of BIM for every phase. As a team, always work with the link systems. With this way, if any problem occurs in designing phase we can just communicate with responsible team member and ask to change requested part of the design and link the structural or mechanical model again to the architectural model of the project.

Dynamo also included the production of material take-off. We created our own dynamo node systems such that in addition to materials take-off list we can see ,in an order , the name of wall tags (W1, W2 etc.), the name of the walls(25 cm AAC Block, covered with 5mm wooden) and the name of the materials on the wall( Paint 2mm, Plaster 2mm, AAC Block, Plaster 2mm, Paint 2mm etc) in the excel table.

Project year:  2018
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Autodesk software used in the project: