Trolley Frame for Community Plumbing Challenge

Douglas Campbell
University of Witwatersrand
South Africa

Customised Pull-Trolley to house plumbing supplies for local Diepsloot WASSUP team. Quite a bit of design thinking involved based on the load to be carried and the fact that it had to be mobile and fit into narrow spaces.


We needed to design a new trolley system to be more practical, more useful and sustainable. The purpose was to create a user friendly pull-trolley for the local WASSUP support team so that they can easily carry their equipment and move around the community area with ease.


We had to keep the weight of the equipment that needed to be carried on a daily basis in mind and also ensure the trolley was not to heavy to pull around. the wheels and chassis systems needed to be strong enough to ensure the trolley lasts over and also manage the weight distribution effectively.


Hoping this will appeal to NGOs, community developers, plumbing community and tradespeople. In this specific project we adhered to the exact requirements of the local plumbing support team(WASSUP) but this design could easily be used in similar communities as well. Modena Design Centres was the training support for all projects part of the Community Plumbing Challenge in the Diepsloot, South Africa May-July 2016. I worked collaboratively with Samantha Krenski for the University of the Witwatersrand on this this.

Project year:  2016
Autodesk learning partner:  Modena Design Centres
Autodesk software used in the project: