Daniel Osuala Team
University of Lagos
First Prize (Tie 1), DesignNext Nigeria 2015 Student Design Competition

Team Members:

  • Daniel Ugochukwu Osuala - University of Lagos
  • Oluwakemi Adewumi Adeboje - University of Lagos
  • Michael Coker - University of Lagos

The design ideology highlights "a break forth in technology advancement in our immediate locality", emerging from the ground in the form of binoculars to depict "a search" ... leading to the use of angled edges and inclined walls on the building form.

The design approach was based on the basic structure of a fab lab - a clear span spaces for collaboration, manufacturing and fabrication. The building was envisaged as a big hall with box compartments as rooms to show flexibility of space within a space, and to give the opportunity of having a pleasant view from different levels in the building.

The building has no stairs but different level of ramps to aid the disabled function effectively as team members. The building is sited in a location allocated for leisure parks and gardens on a swampy soil condition in an institutional environment. A sustainable proposal was to incorporate the existing site function in an elevated floor level. So the roof became green with steps for social gatherings,an observation deck for good view over the lagoon and acts as a natural coolant of the slab to enhance internal conditions of the interior spaces. This keeps the building in context with the location whilst still functioning as what it is and also attracts students to get enlightened about what a fab lab truly does.

The building was also strategically designed to allow maximum display of solar panels to gain solar energy at the specific angle of inclination. Two imaginary lines cut across the building perpendicular to the boundary of the site which forms the perimeter of the skylight and drainage channel through the middle of the building down to a reservoir at the corner of the site.

Project year:  2016
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