Safaga Postgraduate Campus

Hellen Aziz
Mansoura University

Safaga is on the golden triangle development region. It is also the new capital of Upper Egypt. It has special development in mining and it is the second area in solar radiation in Egypt. Our project is a campus for postgraduate students to develop the existing sources of the area. This campus will be the connecting ring between education and work.

Mining is always accused of being unsustainable because it exploits the environmental resources most of which are the right of the coming generations. Besides mining releases a lot of dangerous waste. So our campus has two sections for mining and geology.

Energy is the main source of life and Safaga wil be the capital of Upper Egypt, so it will attract a lot of people who will need cheap source of energy. That’s why we will have a very important section in our campus for renewable energy.

Project year:  2016
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