ITU Rover 2018

ITU Rover Team 2018
Istanbul Technical University

This is the Rover vehicle produced by the ITU Rover Team ‘18, an interdisciplinary team of engineering students from Istanbul Technical University. All mechanical systems of this year’s rover were designed, optimized and visualized with Autodesk tools, mainly Fusion 360.

The ITU Rover Team consists of experienced, curious and hardworking students who have come together from various faculties in the ITU Robotics Club, formerly ARIGE, in September 2016, who have taught in different disciplines and who have already been successful in many successful projects. ITU Rover Team consists of 5 sub-teams, from Mining Engineering to Chemistry, from Aeronautical Engineering to Urban and Regional Planning, and a total of 30 people with students from different faculties and departments.

Rover is a space research vehicle designed to perform missions on the surface of planets or other celestial bodies. Some kind of unmanned land vehicle rovers; contain robotic arms, motion systems, high resolution cameras and sensors. Nowadays rovers are actively used on Martian and Lunar surface. Rovers also used in coping with natural disasters, defense industry, mining, health and nuclear fields.

Our mechanical sub-team works on 4 subsystems; motion system and chassis, robot arm, gripper and sampling system. Our team first examines the requirements and examples of systems and then draws the system, static and dynamic analysis, topological optimization and manufacturing drawings in Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk Inventor tools.

Project year:  2018
Autodesk software used in the project: