Karam Baki
University of Jordan

Owners: Karam Baki, Saif Smeirat, Sewar Kharabsheh

ATARAXIA is a totally conceptual and a virtual project that was design and created to be an Iconic Skyscraper that makes Amman-Jordan have it’s weight on the world wide architectural map,

The main idea was to have a central axis that is placed in the middle of ATARAXIA, which goes till the peak top,

That axis is called Mundi Axis, An axis that old civilizations and till now it is being used, directly, or in-directly, It represents every major element in religion, politics, economy or even knowledge,

We aimed to represent this concept of centralism and spirituality in our ATARAXIA by dividing the project into two Axises, Spherical one(s), and a Vertical one,

The Spherical axises were responsible of connecting the functions as communities instead of the old usual layers of any skyscraper,

The Vertical one represent the changes in events in the skyscraper’s functions whereas humans discover their abilities and there best practices to continue their lives, from the beginning, exhibitions, testing, and then working.

By accomplishing all the above, we can consider ATARAXIA is theoretically the center of Amman-Jordan.

Project year:  2016
Autodesk learning partner:  
Autodesk software used in the project: