Parametric Explorations

Karam Baki
University of Jordan

Future Architecture

When Nano technology takes control, the highly resistance glass, can replace the use of concrete even for floor slabs, In addition, it's features are highly sustainable, which would result in a better environmental climate. Elliptical or Spherical forms? More functional? Maybe. It's just an expectation and an imagination of the future


OctaMagic Project Based on distances, with more than 1000 formula including some complex geometrical connections to achieve a simple job: Far attractor points = More openings, Near attractor points = Less openings

Religious Architecture Inspiration

Something futuristic of a spiritual sculpture I've made which from I got inspired from a video game called ?HALO ?

Voronoi Pattern

This project is just to demonstrate the beauty of the Voronoi pattern, which is used in biology, hydrology, ecology, computational chemistry and many other industries.

Project year:  2018
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