Logistic Hub

Ahmed Saeed Elewa
Arab Academy For Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

Alamein, a city with huge potential, yet, under developed due to many factors including accessibility and lack of infrastructure. Moreover, the city faces a problem of unorganized trade and transportation of goods with other regions in the country, acting as an obstacle in the way of its development.

A transportation hub is what Alamein needs at the moment... not only will it solve accessibility problems, but also, it would start a trade line, linking Northern Egypt to its south, planned by Farouk el Baz "mamar el tanmeya through out the nearby Hamra Port, an important dock regionally.

In addition, the hub would also act as a gateway and landmark to the "New" city of Alamein, a city expected to be inhabited by 5 million people, a new metropolitan, connecting all trade routes, once again as it did in the past. Not only would it improve Alamein ecomically but also concerning the social aspect, the new city is expected to attract new people, both from around the region and Egypt in general.

Concept Design

The project's concept relies mainly on the flow of people and merchandise through the hub creating.

Structural Analysis

The Concept of the structural movement through the form is based on two applications, one through the skeleton of the form and another through the slabs and columns of the spaces. Each application works without the pressured load of the other.

Project year:  2018
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