Lazux Neighborhood

Luay Alhadeed
Hashemite University

This project is a final product of an urban design course at the Hashemite University The project focuses on the design of urban spaces to give it a functional, attractive and sustainable value. The neighborhood is located in the zarqa city in jordan and the area of the site was about 220.000 square meter.

The purpose of this project is to dwell 3000 person and I use a different type of residential building as described.

  • 95 double storey villa (170 sqm),
  • 22 apartment building (160 sqm for each flat),
  • 48 row houses/attached houses(110 sqm) and
  • 11 semi attahed double storey villa (160 sqm)
  • Civic center

The civic center is designed to having a primary school and a small mall to serve the need of the people in the neighborhood and in this design, the open spaces between buildings was a major issue.

I designed it to give a good interaction between peoples themselves, and a good relation between the street and the open space.

The concept of the project was to give an interaction between the neighborhood and the society by locate the civic center in the middle of the neighborhood and find an open spaces between the each blocks to provide the interaction.

Project year:  2016
Autodesk learning partner:  OmniPlan
Autodesk software used in the project: