TGV Railway Station

Motasem Al Twair
University of Alexandria

This project makes special emphasis on the design of the TGV train station which is one of the most important visual gateway in Burj El arab city. The Terminal consists of four railroads, six platforms and intersection with monorail platform.

It considered as a liaison between the various types of transportation of the railway and considered as an urban gate of the city where it connects the new city of Burj Al Arab with Burj El arab Airport and then to Alexandria.

Moreover, it makes special emphasis on accommodate population expansion and the need to provide transportation services and region economic development.

It develops a methodology based on:

  • Site analysis
  • Community needs of transportation
  • Study of the road network in the site
  • Study of the vehicles circulation in the site
  • Study of railway station building requirements
  • Design competition proposals

Finally, it concludes a set of criteria concerning the design guidelines, which are not only for functional reasons, but also for the important and dense cultural, social, future horizons, economic, and finally traditions restrictions that play an important role in the design process and decisions of any element at this important square.

Project year:  2016
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