Flow and Mixing Optimization Through CFD Simulation

Obada Yaghi
German Jordanian University

The project enables flow and mixing development and optimization of an existing Biogas plant, by utilizing CFD simulation. The flow was analyzed considering the following variables: The mixing time, the Dry Matter (DM) content, the positioning of the agitators and how it can be related to the amount of velocity dead-zones. Velocity dead-zones must be minimized as they reduce the efficiency of the Biogas production drastically.

In order to be able to perform the CFD simulation, a complete 3D model had to be done of the examined fermenter and the mixing agitators. The models were created using Autodesk Inventor 2016 and partially by Autodesk Fusion 360.

Moreover, the current setup including fluid properties, boundary and initial conditions had to be introduced to while creating the Study case using Autodesk CFD simulation software. Velocity measurements were used as a validation approach for the simulation results, furthermore to acquire an overview of the flow behavior over the investigated mixing period.

The simulation was done starting with fluid being at rest, mixing it for 300 seconds (as it is being operated on location) As a possible further improvement for the project, the flow can be simulated after turning off the agitators, in order to be able to know the behavior of the fluid, and how the velocity will decay.

Project year:  2016
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