Gazi University
Fourth Prize, Design Together 2018 BIM Competition

Team Members:

  • Yaşar Gürbaz - Architect
  • Abdülkadir Öztürk - Architect
  • Onur Selçuk - Civil Engineer
  • Ezgi Üstün - Mechanical Engineer

Project Statement

Our Project, is designed as a student interaction center in order to utilize by student communities, is located at the Ayazaga Campus of Istanbul Technical University (Istanbul/Turkey). The connection between places of the project has been maintained by considering the concepts of sustainability and flexibility. Throughout the entire project, various renewable materials have been re-functionalized in designing.

Student clubs rooms, which are the most important point of the project, were designed by using container, and have been emphasized themselves on the outer front of the structure. It was also aimed to provide spatial flexibility to the structure with consideration of the potential change in the structure’s utilization function in the following years.

How did we apply BIM in our project

The collaboration between the group members was conducted on Autodesk BIM 360 TEAM. Each discipline designed their own project by using Autodesk Revit 2018 and sub-module. In addition, the quantity of the materials that are used in the project, and cost analysis were carried out by using Autodesk Revit 2018.

The 2D application plans of the project were exported by using Autodesk Revit 2018 to Autodesk AutoCAD.

Synchronization of the members to the BIM 360 was provided by Autodesk Collaboration for Revit.

The results of the clash controls between sub-disciplines’ projects were obtained from Autodesk Navisworks. In addition, the animation of the construction process, also known as 4-D construction animation, was created by using Autodesk Navisworks. The energy analysis of the project was carried out on Autodesk Insight 360 module, and, the renders and the animation of the project were created on Lumion 8.

Project year:  2018
Autodesk software used in the project: