Sustainable Tower

Rawan Adwan
University of Jordan

The building is located amongst a residential district on a cliff that views the valley below. The location gives the tower an advantage of being depicted as a regional landmark in return. What signifies this tower is its sustainability and ease of form in regard to the surroundings. The elements added, such as waterfall and biology pond, low E-Glazing facades, vegetation and solar panels makes the project as eco-friendly and possible.

The main concept of the building is to produce a form which depicts a vertical village created by thin, elegant platforms layered on top with the structure bare and exposed. Where “The folding shape gives the building a dynamic look. This creates a sustainable relationship with the land and surroundings”

The building contains five principles:

  1. Layers and terraces,
  2. Inside and outside,
  3. Vegetation,
  4. Views and privacy,
  5. Light and identity
Project year:  2016
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