Esra Alhashmi
American University in Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Revive represents the architectural product of a thesis that focuses on the preservation of the essence of traditional architecture and the representation of contemporary ergonomics. The project mapped the lost spatial, cultural typologies of Dubai and recreated them through inversion. Following the inversion of Dubai’s culture from introverted design to extroverted, from private to public and from a small coastal city to a cosmopolitan metropolis.

Revive is located in AlShindagha, a Creekside area with exceptional historical and cultural significance. The building purpose is to ultimately fuse with the old while at the same time reflecting the present. Free flowing indoor spaces fully connect to the outdoor areas. The same space can assume different functions for different occasions. The underground ruins are the primary elements in the plot, being a hidden body, a silent ally, and a neutral stage. On the other hand, the sloping body looks toward the Creek symbolizing the rising of the future from the old’s ruins and translating a gesture that respects the nostalgia and history of the past, thus avoiding its loss and its fall into oblivion. Revive represents an open museum of Dubai’s history where the past is celebrated for a bright future.

Project year:  2018
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