Fire Station

Sadeq Alsalami
Dammam University
Saudi Arabia

Project location: Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The project consists of three main sections. the first section is the main building, which contains a special section of management, such as offices and surveillance officers and the operating room and another section special services rooms and dormitories for soldiers.

The main section of the second is the fire trucks garage, crew safety, and warehouses that next to it. the last section is the maintenance and there is a training ground outside the building, which mediates the project so that everyone in the building watch exercises in the arena and to the tower too, along with a special arena training. the thing that is the most important part of the project is the ease of movement paths into and out of the project when exiting and entry.

Project year:  2016
Autodesk learning partner:  Niqat Middle East
Autodesk software used in the project: