Nada el-Sayed
American University in Dubai
United Arab Emirates

We live in a fast- paced world with constant demands on our time; with our bodies continually ahead of our minds. We need to remind ourselves of the gift that we have, Solitude. It is possible to slow down the hands of time if we give ourselves the time and space to do so. The mind is largest playground we have. A world with no boundaries, limits, or expectations, and the most powerful and unseen weapon we have. Everyone needs time alone, everyone needs solitude. We cannot grow at a soul level without solitude. The soul cannot surface if we fail to distance ourselves from the noise of the world. When we come to view being alone as an opportunity, as a gift, we can transform moments of solitude into moments of awareness.

The concept behind Solus is to merge the architecture languages of rigidity and organic style. This idea arose from the contrast one experiences in life between the built environment and nature. The project is located in Al Jaddaf, Dubai, alongside the creek. This site also highlights the contrast between the city skyline and nature. The linear form symbolizes the path to enlightenment and self contemplation whilst the organic form portrays the freedom that every human aims to achieve. In our lives today, we seem to have lost all singularity that comes with the human being and this project aims to revive this concept. Elements such as pods, contemplation spaces, and experiential journeys throughout the project act as a catalyst for achieving singularity through architecture. Following a minimalistic design approach, the structure expresses solitude and the opportunities of enlightenment that it brings.

Project year:  2018
Autodesk software used in the project: