Vibha Vishan Das
American University in Dubai
United Arab Emirates

After visiting the site, which was located on the creek side of Burdubai, we felt like the site had so much more potential than the attention it was receiving. We wanted to create a purpose that would drive the attention back to the site. We wanted to open a window to the future in such a traditional site. So for that we decided to design virtual reality office building that has a potential to attract more people of different age groups to visit the building. This can be done by allowing crowds to come to the building for testing new products, and attending workshops in the gallery/auditorium space.

The mass reached its end outcome through multiple series of different design methods. Starting with setting different angles towards the different views around the site and finishing it by creating a building with open terraces and voids to take away the feeling from the bulk around the site. These voids also help in bringing the wind and sunlight throughout the building.

Project year:  2018
Autodesk software used in the project: